Our Guarantee

  • We will never charge for a session that you are not completely satisfied with.

  • We want to serve you as best as we can, so if something doesn’t go well, please give us the opportunity to make it right. We will gladly do so and will take the opportunity to learn from it!

  • We do ask that you let us know right away if a session didn't go well as we want to meet your needs right away. If the tutor wasn’t a good fit, we won’t charge you for the session, and we will connect you with another tutor that will be a better match, giving you peace of mind that you won’t spend a dime unless it is a great experience!

ACT/SAT Improvement Guarantee

While we wish we could guarantee a certain score for you, unfortunately, no one can do that. If a student goes through our recommended five full length practice tests with us, we guarantee that his or her test score will improve from his or her first test score (assuming he or she didn't do any prep before taking that first test) or we will work with him towards the next test at no charge!

Want something stronger? Check out our No Risk ACT/SAT Improvement program. We will let you avoid the risk of losing money on ACT/SAT tutoring while simultaneously motivating everyone to get the maximum score possible. Ask to speak to Matt Darr when contacting us about this.