There has never been a better return on investment than Darr Tutoring, and I can’t imagine there ever will be in this life.
— Jennifer H., parent of three students who Darr Tutoring helped on their ACT.
I was beginning to doubt if I could even to go to college. After tutoring a few months with Darr Tutoring, my score jumped 9 points from a 17 to a 26! I couldn’t be happier!
— Jason K.

Standardized Entrance Exams

Our team is ready to coach you to help you reach your greatest potential on an upcoming SAT, ACT, SSAT, or ISEE. We seek to work with students through at least five full length practice exams as our experience and research has shown such work, coupled with instruction of key concepts and strategies, guarantees score improvement when compared to taking the exam without prep.  On ACT testing, when students complete our program of five full length practice test, they typically improve 3-5 points from a baseline taken without any prep.  

Graduate Exams

Our team is also here to help prepare you for standardized exams required for graduate programs including the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and others.

Want to ensure you will succeed without any risk? Whether you want to pay per session or pay per point increase, we are confident you can improve and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We will happily draw up an agreement where you pay only based on how much you improve! Ask about it when contacting us!