There has never been a better return on investment than Darr Tutoring, and I can’t imagine there ever will be in this life.
— Jennifer H.



Pay Per Session

Ideally, we like students to work through and understand the concepts and strategies behind five or more full length practice tests before being fully prepared for the test.

The number of sessions to accomplish this varies depending on how the student performs on practice tests. High performing students typically need less time, and low performing students often need more time.

For students who do the five full length practice tests and have not done any prep for previous ACT/SAT tests, we guarantee the student will improve, or we will gladly work with him or her at no charge for a future ACT/SAT.

No Risk ACT/SAT Improvement

Are you concerned about spending large sums of money with no results? Do you want to be as sure as possible your son or daughter will improve his or her ACT/SAT? While no one can guarantee that a person will get a certain score, we are willing to offer the next best thing: allow you to pay based upon the results. This aligns the interests of parent, student and tutor to maximize the student's improvement.

When seeing the admittance letter or the scholarships you may be able to obtain, we hope you'll feel just like Jennifer H. above — that the return on investment with Darr Tutoring is next to none.

Important Note: If a student cancels a session in a way that violates the Darr Tutoring cancellation policy, he or she is charged the hourly rate of the tutor for that time in addition to the improvement amount. Also, if the student does not do the required homework (normally about one to one and a half hours between sessions), he or she will also be charged for that session. One grace session is given for homework not being completed.